5 February 2019 Nancy Klomp

“More beautiful than a Formula 1 award”

Klomp & Gijzen designs and makes trophy for Max Verstappen’s Red Bull Racing Team.

On January 16, 2018, we visited the Formula One Red Bull Racing factory at Milton Keynes UK. At the invitation of Mystery Roads (car rally organizer).

On behalf of the fans of the Red Bull Racing Team, we handed the trophy personally to team Chief Christian Horner thanking him for the achievements of the past year. Both the team and Christian Horner were very impressed.

Christian Horner said: “This trophy is better than most Formula 1 Awards we have received.” A bigger compliment is unimaginable for us!

The tour of the factory was memorable. It shows how Red Bull Racing is going as one team for victory. An approach that is also part of the vision of Klomp & Gijzen.

The trophy has been given a special place in the factory, so that every employee can see it any given time of the day.