Water cutting | Water jet cutting

This is, as the word suggests, cutting with water. That sounds a bit strange, how can you cut with water, I can hear you thinking. Well look at all the worn rocks along the sea or rivers, so water can do that. That takes years, even centuries. We cannot wait that long in business. A machine has been devised for this.

How does that work?

Actually it’s pretty simple. Water is brought to a pressure of around 4000Bar, which is comparable to 40km of water above your head. A lot of water pressure. Another comparison; have you ever used a high pressure cleaner? Then you know that if you squeeze it in, you will be pushed back a bit, because they are about 150Bars of pressure. A water cutting machine still goes at least 25x as fast!

Cutting with water and sand

If the pressure is 4000Bar, it is transported through a very thick tube stainless steel to the water cutting head. Just before the water comes out of the head, special sand is added and this is used for cutting. Theoretically, water is the means of transport and sand is the means of cutting. We cannot cut with sand alone and with only water we can cut very thin materials such as rubber. It is precisely this combination that makes it so special.

Let your imagination run free

The cutting head is placed on an x-axis and a y-axis that are controlled by a computer with a cnc program. With this we can cut all shapes that can be drawn on 2D, so let your imagination run free! All kinds of materials such as metal, wood, glass, rubber and plastic can be cut. That is why we have a lot of fun with our water cutting machine, we can experience so much!